Facts and Questions

Should we build a list of our different family groupings?

Its not usually necessary, but if you have something specific in mind it will certainly help. Otherwise we will capture one side of the family, the other side of the family, then the new, big family. Please consider having someone from your wedding party oversee these photos? This will help shorten your time between your ceremony and your reception, while also keeping members of your wedding party from wondering off. It keeps your photo session fun for you!


What is the cost of the digital files?

The price for your digital files with copyrights will depend upon the amount of time you spend with your photographer. We recommend talking with a member of our team in advance. This will also help you learn what to expect at your appointment the following day.


May we show you examples of wedding photos we like?

Of course! We want you to have the best possible photography. Examples of your favorite photos will help. We will probably have a discussion with you about what makes each of your samples special.


May we select our photographer?

It is our goal to provide you with the best possible photography! We will do our best to match you with the right photographer for your personal style. We encourage you to speak to a Photo consultant to discuss your style and needs.


Can our photographer leave the hotel with us?

Yes. Your wedding coordinator will help you make all the necessary arrangements. Remember, hotels don’t always welcome weddings from other resorts, and we may not have permission to shoot at some locations. You will need to include your photographer in your transportation plans.